I have a 9 month old boy, Nico, who i've been meaning to provide with a few illustrations of our pets for his "office". I've been putting him off but he's a pretty cranky client. Truth be told, i need to buck up and get it done. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs, so I only have 3 to go. I admit to having hesitated at providing him with more cat art. There is a general perception out there that cats emasculate the weaker sex (boys). Particularly so when cats & boys cohabitate without a member of the stronger sex (girls) around. I take personal offense to the notion. While I could illustrate a man in flannel cutting down a tree, or a bartender...I think i'll just do the cat thing. If he wants to be a crazy catman when he's dating in 20 years and raise red flags in the process, that's his right. I won't take that away from him.