I had the honor of helping rebrand the Hoosier Lottery as well as creating some of the subsequent advertising supporting a handful of their flagship games and launching a few new one. Some of these include giving their Megamillions jackpot an identity all to himself, partnering with AMC's Walking Dead on a scratch-off game, and a time-lapse vision of what having a check appear in your mailbox each week.

The rebrand launch campaign itself helped repair a fractured relationship with the lottery and the state's residents.

"Indiana’s state lottery had a problem with both perception and participation. Too many Hoosiers associated it with “greed” and “gambling,” rather than with the ways that Hoosier Lottery makes life better for ordinary folks. We created a brand overhaul that has made the lottery more human and relatable. By featuring the down-to-earth (and often selfless) ways in which real Hoosiers imagine how winning would change their lives, the campaign has not only forged a more meaningful bond between the people of Indiana and their lottery; it’s also increased sales and broadened the retailer base."


(Work performed while under contract at MSK in MKE.)