Company Brewing is Milwaukee's newest brewery. Started by George Bregar, of Colectivo Coffee fame, in the spring of 2015, it has continued to grow steadily.

Naturally, when George approached me before the lights were turned on to help him develop the identity and general branding for the project, I was thrilled. 


"The word “company” is ubiquitous, and the vast majority of breweries out there use the word “company” as the last word in their full name.  “So-and-so Brewing Company” is such a common occurrence that we gloss right over it.

But the heart and soul of our company is right there in the name. Both literally and thematically, our company is our core product, and will always be at the front of our mind.

Beer is often consumed in good company.  It is a social beverage, and the brand should convey a reflection of people enjoying beer as well as enjoying each other’s company. "


With Milwaukee having a workmanlike, blue-collar vibe to it, and also remaining progressive in many ways,  George wanted a mark that was durable and permanent in ways that would pay homage to the tradition of the area.  


"Company Brewing should look and feel like a utility - like it was created for an entity that exists to satisfy a consumer need. In the same way that an energy company provides the population with gas and electricity, we supply the population with beer and food.  Simple, strong, and effective."