Asics has been a sponsor of the New York City Marathon for many years. I was lucky enough to be involved with the creation of initiatives engaging the runners and the public at large for the race in 2012.

For the runners, we created a number of pieces in Times Square and took over the 59th St. Columbus Circle Subway Station to reinforce their feelings of accomplishment and to add more fuel to the pre-race anticipation.  

For the spectators, we wanted to show them just how amazing running one of these races really is, putting context behind how far 26.2 miles is, what running next to a professional marathoner feels like, and the staggering number of people involved in its preparation and execution.

A few highlights are the Run With Ryan digital wall and the real-time run tracker. Ryan Hall is our top-ranked American marathoner. We shot him running the pace needed to win a marathon and then implanted that within a wall of the underground subway station, giving people a chance to run against him and see what it takes to win one of these races. The time tracker gave you the ability to plug in the name of a marathoner, whether a friend or family member, and see their time as they are running.

My wife is a marathoner and I've managed to run a half marathon myself (still proud! still proud!), so being a part of this was really a pleasure.


(Work performed while under contract at Vitro in San Diego.)