the last 15 years...

...have afforded me the great opportunity to work on brands ranging from juggernauts in their respective industries to one person start-ups.  While the spectrum has been broad, I've always approached them in the same manner. Connect with your audience in an interesting and engaging way, and they will reward you with their attention.  Everything we create is a chance to start a conversation and build a relationship with people.

Working with advertising agencies, design agencies and directly with clients,  I've been lucky enough to have my work recognized by some of the leading voices and publications that specialize in such things. Cannes, One Show, The Addy's, Creativity, Communication Arts, HOW and Print to name a few.

I have also been awarded best-in-show by my 2 boxers, 2 cats and 1 little boy. I am occasionally shortlisted by my wife.