A whiskey like no other with a pretty crazy story to boot. Sign me up. 2 Gingers is known more for the "Big Ginger" cocktail it is part of then the actual whiskey itself...but that's the way they like it. Kieran, the owner, is the son of a red-headed twin. His mother and aunt are the namesake of the brand. He had been serving this "Big Ginger" concoction out of a couple bars in Minnesota and making Jamison so much money that he decided to go into the distilling business himself. Being a man that likes to do things a little different, he wanted his whiskey to steer away from the highfalutin and pretentious attitudes that his competitors seemed to dole out. Instead, adopting a more fun and approachable relationship with it's consumers. After collaborating with Walton Isaacson in Chicago for many months, this was the proposed website redesign.


(Work performed while under contract at Walton Isaacson in Chicago.)